If you’re applying for a MSc or MBA course at Imperial, you may need to pay an application fee.

Applicants who are facing financial hardship and cannot pay the fee can apply for an application fee waiver.

If your application for a fee waiver is approved, you will be able to submit your application without paying the application fee.

Check if you’re eligible for an application fee waiver

The fee waiver is open to all postgraduate applicants to Imperial courses where the application fee applies.

You may be able to submit your application free of charge if you:

  • were receiving full state support for maintenance (living expenses) or financial support for reasons of hardship as an undergraduate at university within the last four years; or
  • are currently receiving state benefits for reasons of financial hardship; or
  • received another type of scholarship or bursary support for the reason of financial hardship within the last four years; or
  • are aged 21–25, have recently completed undergraduate study and are estranged from or have no living parents or legal guardians; or
  • have a particular UK immigration status such as: humanitarian protection, asylum seeker or refugee status, or those granted Indefinite Leave to Remain as a victim of domestic violence or abuse; or
  • are facing temporary financial hardship due to the recent loss of employment – this will be considered in the context of the previous duration of that employment, prior salary and the individual’s habitation circumstances (single, married, dependents etc.); or
  • are facing temporary financial hardship due to other personal circumstances that have caused significant disruption to their current circumstances, e.g. divorce, home repossession; or
  • are a resident of a country listed as ‘low-income’ by the World Bank or the DAC least-developed countries and are reliant on established scholarship schemes to fund your UK study; or
  • live in an area of social deprivation in the UK, with low family income. To demonstrate this, you must show that you live in an index of multiple deprivation (IMD) quintile 1 in the UK. Find out which quintile your postcode is in using the relevant look-up tool below:

If the reason you are facing financial hardship is not listed above, you can still apply for an application fee waiver.

Please describe the reason you're applying in the application fee waiver form and also send us the relevant evidence.

How to apply for an application fee waiver

You must apply for an application fee waiver before submitting your application for a postgraduate course(s) at Imperial.

We cannot consider application fee waiver requests submitted after we have already started processing your course application.

To apply, please complete our Application Fee Waiver Form (Word document, 35.7KB).

You will also need to send evidence to support your application.

Please send your completed application form and supporting documents to appfees@imperial.ac.uk‌‌.